“The World Bank’s Philosopher-King. . .renowned as an innovator”

“We should borrow the honorable Japanese custom and designate you as a “Living Institutional Treasure”

“It is a stroke of genius and I am thunderstruck that anyone could have such an inspired thought.”
Financial Weekly

“A source of wisdom, integrity, innovation, and commitment”
Executive Vice President of The World Bank

“In the financial markets around the world, Rotberg is held in awe.”
Forbes Magazine

“For The London Times the news that Eugene Rotberg was leaving The World Bank was important enough to make the front page. . .well nigh irreplaceable.”

“One of the 40 most influential individuals in finance of the past 40 years.”
Institutional Investor

“Financial genius. . .a formidable reputation in financial markets.  Rotberg’s presence alone—larger than life as it turned out—was worth a billion dollars or more for the organization.  In fact, he became a legend.”
History of The World Bank

“The new treasurer dazzled us, the staff inside the Bank, and mesmerized those outside, on the Wall Street and the other capital markets across the globe.”. . .”Smiling broadly, he scooped up everyone, and transported us, as if we were on a magic carpet, to a far off place, to a location in the setting of a classroom.”. . .”Eugene Rotberg cruised the stratosphere.”
The World Bank and Beyond

A man of deep sincerity, who cares for others and who manages to be the most competent of all professionals in his field while retaining a mix of humility and gentleness unknown among accomplished senior executives.  In a position of unique power where lesser beings would have accumulated enemies by the bushel you only collected friends and admirers.”